Who's Brian?

Brian is a family man. He is a husband to his wife Kim and a father to his two boys Jackson and Micah. Brian has a strong desire to serve others. He is a creative problem solver and loves to use that creativity in Real Estate. With a passion for buying properties that need some work and bringing fresh new life to the property, Brian gets his inspiration from knowing that he is preparing a property for a new family just like his to create amazing memories in.

"I aim to provide customers with the absolute best service I can. My goal is to create a fast and simple solution to help anyone that needs to sell a property. I want them to feel great about doing business with me, so they can confidently tell everyone they know that Brian Buys Jax Houses can help them with their property needs too."

Brian's Five-Star Standard.

Brian takes pride in treating his customers fairly and providing the professional service that they deserve. His business model is to treat people with respect, honesty and provide a service that resolves their real estate problems in the fairest way possible.

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